Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hearing Loss Links

I thought I would start a list of helpful websites for other parents and caregivers of children with hearing loss. I will add to this as needed. - This is a great organization here in North Carolina with a ton of information on their website. - Sound clips to get an idea of how hearing loss sounds as compared to normal hearing. - Good information about hearing impaired children in school settings. - You can order Safe n' Sound clips and other cute hearing aid accessories here. Big thanks to Amy, who found this website! - An easy to understand explanation of audiograms. - Fun ways to decorate hearing aids or cochlear implants. This website has a lot of information about deafness and cochlear implants as well. - I just recently learned about these hats from Hanna Andersson. These are highly recommended by the hearing impaired community for little ones that like to pull out their hearing aids! They come in white, gray, pink, and blue.

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