Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Few Changes

It's been almost two months since my last blog post! I'm constantly thinking about this little blog of mine and what I will write about next. I get ideas and then they never quite transpire to an actual post. Then I will read some of my favorite blogs (mostly ones about organizing and living simply) and feel totally inadequate with my little humble abode of a blog...because really, that's what this thing is. I have dreams of a cool domain name and a really pretty layout and tons of awesome, faithful followers...I guess in order for all of that to happen I need to blog more! My latest plan for wheels is to categorize my posts into things like hearing loss (my main topic), household topics (like how awesome baking soda and vinegar are), and my latest goal, living more simply. I'm hoping that now that I am working less (see below) I can devote a bit more time to blogging.

So, times are a' changin' in the S Household! The first change is my job. My sweet, amazing, caring, sympathetic husband had been telling me for years to find a new job. He even gave me the okay to totally quit my job after I had Evelyn, but unfortunately things just didn't work out. We really needed my income and I reluctantly continued to work because ya know, "Baby needs new shoes!". Things at work became more and more stressful and the majority of the time (okay, ALL of the time) I felt completely overwhelmed with Life. Two small kids, one with audiologist appointments and Early Intervention sessions, one that was well into the Terrible Two's and ridiculously out of control at times, and a husband who, because he is such a hard worker and wants only what's best for our family, was gone a lot. I couldn't handle working full time and being the mom and wife I feel like I need to be. We had mountains of laundry to tackle, dinners to cook, phone calls to make, a sick cat to tend to, a demanding baby (I love my dear Evelyn but boy is she high maintenance!), and our sweet Liam who needed more attention and discipline. 

With the way work was going I threw myself into updating my resume and scouring the internet for a less stressful, part time job. And I FOUND IT! The perfect job! I was offered the job at my interview, slept on the decision for a night, talked with my husband, and accepted it the next morning. I NEEDED bad. And now I'm working 9-1 Monday to Friday for an awesome woman that I am really beginning to look up to. I love working in the mornings and getting it out of the way (because it IS still a job), then coming home to my still smiling children. The afternoons are spent going to doctor appointments, running errands, Evelyn's Early Intervention twice a month, and trying to catch up on household chores. I'm way less stressed now and I really feel like I'm well on my way to finding a better balance of work and family.

In addition to my new job, my husband got a new job, too! For the past year he has been working as an independent contractor but just a couple weeks ago he landed a permanent, salaried position! Needless to say, the kids and I are so proud of him :). He will continue to have a very busy schedule for at least another year; working full time and a 12 credit hour course load this semester (with the goal of completing his degree by the end of next year), as well as National Guard duties.

Overall, this summer is ending on a great note. Stay tuned for some more hearing aid chit chat, hopefully this weekend!


  1. You should absolutely stick with blogging… sounds like you would have a lot of really cool things to share with people and I would definitely read!

  2. hey its amanda! from od! just want to say im so excited you got the perfect job!!

    1. Aww, thanks! It has been a lifesaver; I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.